Monday, June 8, 2009

May 2009

The month of May went by so fast!
On May 3rd we had Mary's Blessing.
Here she is in her dress and bonnet...
And here she is just looking so precious...
Three days later and now Mary's one month old
Teron just loves giving kisses to "Baby Murry" as he calls her
Mother's Day - Visiting my Grandma Skousen
The Skousen April Babies -
Riley, Harry, & Mary
Jonah had his Pre-School Graduation.
Jonah and Miss Heather.
Sadly, Jonah still has one more year of Pre-School
before he goes to Kindergarten.
Also a side note...Jonah threw-up about five minutes
after this picture was taken (the excitement was too much?)
Mary smiling at her daddy
(You'd laugh too if your daddy looked like this!)
Memorial Weekend and then some was spent getting our
garden organized and planted. The small white box in the
middle is a hive of bees, compliments of Sam's brother, Eric.
Hopefully they will help our garden grow & make some honey too.


Erin Taylor said...

I can't believe the Skousen girls are singlehandedly populating the earth... all at once! Mary looks soooo cute in that blessing dress! I can tell she's yours, for sure!

Bennifer said...

Mary is so sweet. She's tiny compared to Riley and Harry! I love that picture of all 3 of them. She looks like Jonah Jr. You're garden looks so awesome. I'm scared of the bees though!

Doney Days said...

Mary is such a Jonah Jr. I love how much she smiles now! What a little munchy!

Kerrin & Dave said...

I love to see your pictures and I miss your family so much. You guys are great!