Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June 2009

Here's what happened in the month of June...
Mary turned 2 months old on June 6

Bentley had his 4th Grade Recorder Recital
(gotta love those recorders)

My sister Heather had her baby girl on June 5
...so here are the four new babies:
Riley, Mary, Harry and Brooklyn.

We went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open
House. Don't you love Teron walking away?
Father's Day with Sam's Dad...he had surgery
on his cheek two days later to get rid of
cancer. All went well and he is doing fine.
Sam's 36th Birthday...Gosh we're getting old!

Cub Scouts Raingutter Regatta...Jarom (on th left)
getting ready to race his boat.

Bentley (in blue) racing his boat.

Mary chillin' in her swing at the Skousen Family Cabin.

Teron playing with some puzzles...we were there
for three days and it was great!

Jarom & Jonah playing together.

Bentley & Kelly playing Dora Chutes & Ladders...not
much variety of games at the cabin.

Teron ready for church?

Sam doing his famous trick with Mary
(my mom hates it when he does this)

Monday, June 8, 2009

May 2009

The month of May went by so fast!
On May 3rd we had Mary's Blessing.
Here she is in her dress and bonnet...
And here she is just looking so precious...
Three days later and now Mary's one month old
Teron just loves giving kisses to "Baby Murry" as he calls her
Mother's Day - Visiting my Grandma Skousen
The Skousen April Babies -
Riley, Harry, & Mary
Jonah had his Pre-School Graduation.
Jonah and Miss Heather.
Sadly, Jonah still has one more year of Pre-School
before he goes to Kindergarten.
Also a side note...Jonah threw-up about five minutes
after this picture was taken (the excitement was too much?)
Mary smiling at her daddy
(You'd laugh too if your daddy looked like this!)
Memorial Weekend and then some was spent getting our
garden organized and planted. The small white box in the
middle is a hive of bees, compliments of Sam's brother, Eric.
Hopefully they will help our garden grow & make some honey too.

Friday, May 1, 2009

More of April 2009

Here is a recap of what went on in this busy month of April...

Mary's first Easter

Teron wondering why we hide eggs

Jonah was so "egg"cited to do the egg hunt




Mary is two weeks old

Teron's 2nd Birthday

Jonah asks all the time to hold Mary. So on this day,
I had just finished folding laundry and Jonah gets up
on my bed so he can hold Mary. He put the boppi
around him to help him hold her. I went downstairs to
change the laundry and when I came back upstairs I
found them like this...both asleep all over the clean
clothes. It was too cute!
All of my siblings were in town for my baby sister's
missionary homecoming, so we celebrated some of our
birthdays together...Jennifer, Matt, Laurel, Ben.
Teron likes to ask, "Hold it? Hold it?" I gently correct
him and say "Hold HER." He's starting to get it.

Sam and Mary all pooped out from a hard day.

Mary at three weeks old.

Mary and her cousin, Riley, born the day before Mary
(my sister Heidi's baby)
Mary and her other new cousin, Harry, born two weeks
after Mary, but weighing TWO POUNDS more than Mary
(my sister Karen's baby)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Newest Addition!!

On Monday, April 6 at 6:58pm, we welcomed
our newest addition - Mary Lynne Alldredge
Sam giving Mary her first bath...
All tired out from her bath, but cute as a button.

Teron truly loves his new little sister.

Teron gets so excited every morning to go see

his Baby Mary. She just brightens his day.

Mary chillin' in her boppi.

Mary pondering..."What was I thinking?

Four older brothers and only one sister?

They better spoil me rotten!"

April 2009

April has already been so crazy that I'm
posting early this month...
My baby sister Amy returned from her mission
in Texas, Fort Worth on April 2.
Here's the grandkids eagerly awaiting
her to come down the stairs at the airport...
Amy is the one in the middle in a black jacket.

And then my sister Heidi had her 1st baby on April 5.
She had a girl, Riley Noel, and we are so thrilled
to add another girl to the Skousen grandkid pool.

March 2009

Bentley had his 10th Birthday on March 9.
Here he is sporting his new suit jacket.

As you can tell, I'm really creative when
it comes to birthday cakes...
Sam and I also celebrated our 14th Wedding
Anniversary on March 31. (Sorry no pictures)
We went to dinner at the Olive Garden and then
went grocery shopping to Costco and Wal-Mart.
We are so romantic!