Friday, May 1, 2009

More of April 2009

Here is a recap of what went on in this busy month of April...

Mary's first Easter

Teron wondering why we hide eggs

Jonah was so "egg"cited to do the egg hunt




Mary is two weeks old

Teron's 2nd Birthday

Jonah asks all the time to hold Mary. So on this day,
I had just finished folding laundry and Jonah gets up
on my bed so he can hold Mary. He put the boppi
around him to help him hold her. I went downstairs to
change the laundry and when I came back upstairs I
found them like this...both asleep all over the clean
clothes. It was too cute!
All of my siblings were in town for my baby sister's
missionary homecoming, so we celebrated some of our
birthdays together...Jennifer, Matt, Laurel, Ben.
Teron likes to ask, "Hold it? Hold it?" I gently correct
him and say "Hold HER." He's starting to get it.

Sam and Mary all pooped out from a hard day.

Mary at three weeks old.

Mary and her cousin, Riley, born the day before Mary
(my sister Heidi's baby)
Mary and her other new cousin, Harry, born two weeks
after Mary, but weighing TWO POUNDS more than Mary
(my sister Karen's baby)