Tuesday, June 24, 2008

There's no turning back now!

Please read the top paragraph before proceeding...Thanks!
June 3 - Here is the beginning of the end - digging up the trees to prepare the yard for our garage.
This is standing in the back corner of the yard looking towards the house - what a mess!

June 6 - These are the footings being dug. You can kind of get an idea of what it will look like - the big part is the garage and going off to the right is the office space.

It had been raining so much that the ground was too soft to hold up the heavy cement truck...luckily it was only half full of cement when they came.

The front view of the cement truck that got stuck. The other cement truck that was there had to pull this one out of the mud (it sunk 3 feet deep). It used so much force that it cracked and broke the sidewalk in the front - oopsie!

Our make-shift slide so the cement truck could reach the footing area.

June 11 - The foundation guys getting the forms ready to pour the foundation.

June 12 - The foundation is done!

More completed foundation!

Jonah helping Verl (the concrete guy) move some dirt around.

Bentley having a go at it too.

Jarom taking a turn as well.

June 19 - Here are the guys spreading the cement for the floor.

Teron watching the cement truck as it is pouring the floor.

Yea! The floor is in and ready to walk on!

This side will be the office space - two rooms and a bathroom.